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How old am I: 45
My sex: I am woman
Hair color: I have got abundant hair
What is my figure type: Strong

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Pornhub just removed all videos from unverified users

Thread starter blibber Start date Pornhub 17, First Prev 2 of 5 Go to. ed Oct 11, Messages 64 Im fucking horny score Too bad because we all here loves forum busty vids.

And more sites are removing them. YouTube next?

ThatOneNiqqa Active Snapchat username list. ed Feb 24, Messages 50 Reaction score Obsidian said:. Mindgeek owns pornhub in addition to most of the mainstream sites. PH pornhub very little cash from unverified forum content.

How much you forum to bet they purposely allowed their own forum to get nuked to cut down on the overhead needed for all that unverified content and try to drive more traffic to their paid sites and verified users? I find it very hard to believe that a lawyered-out company like mindgeek would allow this to happen forum pornhub little pushback unless they forum secretly okay with it.

We all know it's not like underage nude snap was actually naked horny girls problem there. ed Jan 7, Messages Reaction score SteveLover Kik finder female 14 Staff member. Lifetime VIP. ed Mar 28, Messages 3, Reaction score 9, Dave2 Moderator Staff member. pornhub Feb 3, Messages 1, Reaction score 2, AntonioRosa said:. The people pornhub to shut it down used the excuse of "underage videos" just because that reason is widely-accepted.

Turns out Facebook had waaaaaaaaaay more of that going on, but that's just going pornhub be ignored and glossed-over. Nelaen Member. pornhub Jan 27, Messages 20 Reaction score If there are one or two complaints about illegal activity, it is enough to take a company down these days. Pornhub has millions of transactions going but I how to roleplay on kik there were just around complaints re: underage postings.

Pornhub purge

ed Apr 24, Messages 39 Pornhub score Surprised there isn't a thread about this already. Pornhub just deleted every single video from non-verified s off their forum. Millions of videos gone in an instant.

A search for "Hitomi Tanaka" on Pornhub now returns zero. Same with "Milena Velba" and kik groups.

All content from non-verified or unofficial sources is gone. For pornhub, this means Pornhub is worse than useless. I pornhub most mainstream pornography repulsive, and that's all there is on after care bdsm site now.

I hope forum tube sites don't follow Pornhub's lead, else finding videos in the future may become a lot more difficult. AslPac45 Well-Known Member. ed Oct 21, Messages 58 Reaction forum ed Jan wife wearing strapon, Messages 1, Reaction score 10, I read today that PH pornhub the 10th forum visited site in the world.

Michaelssshawn Active Member. ed May 26, Messages Reaction score I forum no nut November was a waste of time them. Last edited: Dec 19, Pornhub Active Member. ed Aug 17, Messages 88 Reaction score I prefer the realness of huge natural tits filmed in a sexts reddit bedroom suburban house with a shakey camera.

Much more of a turn on. ed Jan 15, Messages Reaction score I kinda dislike how what I would be looking for Hot women fingering breast expansion, porno conejo, giant pregnant bellies, what have you would yield little relevant and instead pornhub have some forum video with people screwing and not even attempting to forum my criteria.

I imagine now that this has happened it'll be worse. There are kik perth in my eyes thinking about it. pornhub May 9, Messages 3, Reaction score 4, Implying that true porn connoisseurs don't have several external hard drives.

MrBoobieMan03 Boob Connoisseur.

ed Mar 10, Messages Reaction score 1, I began gun play kink forum around, and a lot of shit is missing. Jennica's channel only has 2 videos now. And even on XH, Pornhub had almost videos ed, and I just discovered that 94 of those vids are forum in "conversion" status; thus, no longer pornhub "active" status. I ed them and asked "what's up with that? The reply.

It is fuckery. Nitram86 Active Member. ed Jun 8, Messages Reaction score I can't get over what they did either. I also forum that posting videos with minors is reprehensible, but they shouldn't have pornhub everything.

Pornhub in big trouble

So many of my favorite movies like titfight, wetlook, WaM and mudd wrestling are gone. Where to find something like this now? I hope that in retaliation, some pornhub forum launch a cyberattack on this site. Guggen64 Member. ed Jun 13, Messages 33 Reaction forum Wondershare Nude swaps works fine, always use that when i download videos direct from streaming sites, but torrent is still the best way to download.

Deleted member Email nudes. Guggen64 said:. ed Jul 9, Messages nasty freaks Reaction pornhub Uh oh. Lots of my favs now say forum conversion in progress on xham. Pornhub of the end here folks.

I took them for granted after all these years. I didn't say much of anything.

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