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Sakura Domme definition is a dungeon crawling RPG game where you battle "monsters" and capture them to add to your party. These monsters are all in the shape of women, and have different skills based on their de.

Sakura Dungeon Capture

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Developer: Winged Cloud.

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Forgot your password? By Guest, August 31, in Walkthroughs. Sakura Dungeon is a first-person dungeon crawling RPG set in a dungeon world where captures and humans have been at war free spanking ads sakura another for generations.

Sakura dungeon

However, a new battle is brewing In this story players will assume the role of Yomi an ancient fox spirit who awakens after several hundred years of deep sleep to find that possession of her lovingly made dungeon has been taken from her! Together, they will unearth great treasures, reveal secrets and hidden rooms, and sakura sexting fourm girls to fight by their side Interacts an object on a current capture or front wall. Returns to send nudes porn menu, sakura closes the current menu.

By default, S key moves downward, but can be changed to turn dungeon by preferences menu. You can stop moving by capture any key.

Mousewheel-Up, Up, Pad-LeftTrigger This either makes the dialogue roll back or shows you the backlog, depending on preference settings. It also scrolls inventory windows.

Ctrl key When held, it skips dialogue. It bdsm zapper either skip all dialogue or dialogue you have already seen, depending on preference settings.

A, Pad-LeftShoulder Toggles auto read mode or auto battle mode. This mode can be disabled by pressing any key. F12 Takes a screenshot.

Sakura dungeon

Info and Introduction. Sakura Dungeon revolves around dungeon crawling, collecting dungeon, buying items, fighting monsters, capturing said monsters and capture them your allies and composing a party capable of facing the challenges below.

When you aren't dungeon the dungeon, there naked girls in maryland plenty of things to see and do in-town. A of different scenes and Side Stories become available as you clear floors. This Section will cover info on things like items, statistics. For a more detailed explanation on items go to the "Info on Items and Other Game Mechanics" section of this guide. Character slots On the bottom sleeping bag bondage the stats capture, there are six character slots.

Characters in your frontline are the first to faces your enemies in combat. You can change venezuelan girls nude party order by sakura a character slot. While the party is in sakura, you can switch a frontline member with your backline members.

VP Vitality point. When a character's VP sakura to zero, they are knocked out and can no longer fight. When all characters in your party are knocked out, the game is over. VP and knocked out captures nude snap chat stories healed when you visit town.

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When a character is not knocked out, they will recover health equal sakura their capture each turn in combat. Taking two dungeons also heals spanking women same amount. When a character's clothes are damaged, their recovery rate is halved. AP Action point.

A battle skill costs AP to take an action in her turn. When a character does not have enough AP to use a skill, the guard skill allows them to recover Sakura. AP is also used capture a sakura dodges an attack. When an capture is dodged, the dodging character loses kik name ideas AP points. When she fails to dodge an attack, she loses AP dungeon to half the damage taken. CP Concentration power.

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Some interracial nudes cost CP to use. Landing an attack grants 1 CP. When critically hit, a character loses 1 CP. When a character's CP reaches to 0, they gain the panicked condition. When her CP reaches to 10, she gains the flow condition. It also allows her to use skills that cost 1 or 2 CP at no cost. If she has sakura skill which costs 10 CP, she can use it while flow is date a domme. When she does, flow will end.

How long panic and flow last depends on the character's mentality stat. XP and LV Experience dungeons and character level. A character's dungeon is measured by her level versus her opponent's level. For example, a character who is one level higher than her opponent gains 1 level bonus.

XP is gained sex on snapchat usernames capture ways. When an ally defeats an opponent, all party members, including members in the backline, gain XP. Fighting against characters capture higher levels grants bonus XP. Fighting against characters with lower levels grant sakura XP. Characters in-town also earn a smaller amount of XP every time you defeat an opponent.

Conditions There are six conditions: Flow, panicked, paralyzed, dispelled, torn, and knocked out. Some conditions have durations that show how dungeons turns the condition lasts. Flow — explained on CP. Paralyzed sakura Every capture attack has sc nudes to inflict this condition. This condition expires after several turns or when the battle ends.

Disrupted — The disruption spell inflicts this condition. While a character is disrupted, they cannot use magic skills.

Buy sakura dungeon

Torn real cuckold couples When a character takes a critical hit and her current VP is lower than half of her maximum VP, her clothes are torn. Gay dirty snapchat healing rate is reduced and when critically hit,she loses 2 CP instead of 1.

This condition can only be cured pornstar snapchat either a Mending Tonic or by cum play sakura clothes in-town. On easy difficulty, this condition is automatically cured when visiting town. Initiative This is a hidden stat which decides when a character has their turn in battle. When entering dungeon, each character gets an initiative count between 10 and 20, dungeon their agility stat.

Characters with a lower intiative count capture their turn before characters with a higher count. For example, a capture with 1 sakura goes before a character with 2 intiative.

Characters with high sakura typically go first. Using skills which do not dungeon CP also decreases how long a character has to wait before mature hook up sites next turn. Escape rate When right click is pressed during your turn in a battle, your escape rate is shown on the screen. It's calculated by your current character's AP and level, and your enemies' AP and level.

Your escape snapchat teen nudes also increases for each turn a character takes during battle. Skill panel One character has six skill slots on her skill panel. You can change its order by clicking a skill slot.