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What Is Tossing Salad

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Last edited on May 04 Submitted by Paras P. To masturbate Danielle was tossing her salad when her dad walked in.

How old am I: I'm 20 years old
My gender: Girl
Hair color: I have red hair
My favourite drink: Stout
Body tattoos: None

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Top definition. Tossing Salad.

Giving anal sex with your tongue, rimming the outer area of the anus. Poking and prodding in the anal area with one's tongue.

Tossing salad Mitch tossed Allen's salad last night after we pocket waifu nutaku for the night! Allen, that ass so fine that I'm going to toss your salad tonight! Jul 21 Word of the Day. Winnie the Pooh's equivalent of " Mother fucking shit".

R29 original series

Piglet: Oh no! Tigger's bounced all over the vegetable garden and ruined the carrots!

Winnie the Pooh: Oh bother! I was going to toss Sporty's salad but as Humiliation chat went down he had a dingleberryso I stopped.

To lick free nudes app into ones asshole. I was tossing her salad so hard that I was able to tell what she ate for lunch It is having a male or female lick around the asshole.

Man yesterday I tossed this gurls salad and now I have a shit taste in my mouth! Having your salad tossed means having your asshole eaten out with syrup or jelly; syrup is generally preferred. This is usually done as initiation for someone that wants to score some drugs in jail, or by sexually depraved pussy snapchats.

I'ma make him my bitch; he'll be tossing sal by the end of the week! You better toss my salad before I have to smack yo ass. Jul 21 trending 1. Meeting people on kik Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3.

Girls who eat carrots 4. Durk 6.

Momala 7. Dog shot 9. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Backpedaling Anol Wetter than an otter's pocket TSIF